What Is My FanRaiser?

What is My FanRaiser?

The first competition for My FanRaiser, 478 Sings United, started with 32 singing acts who competed in a virtual contest that evolved each week. As the artists went head-to-head and the competition narrowed, fans voted to keep their favorite act in the running for the Grand Prize.

After a less than 2 month competition, 478 Sings United raised nearly $85,000! Not only was it a huge fundraiser with few overhead costs, but the fundraiser also brought over 1,100 new donors and emails to the non-profit. The marketing potential for the future grew tremendously with that growth in the donor base.

Now, My FanRaiser is growing and working with other non-profits and organizations to harness the power of social media and fans desires to help and give.

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