Hear from those who have worked with MyFanraiser before…

“I absolutely loved being a part of 478 Sings. I have always enjoyed singing, but never considered myself good enough to take it seriously. I went into the contest with no expectations; I genuinely just wanted to make it through round 1. I had so much fun working with my parents on picking songs and working with my friends on putting the videos together. The contest helped me meet more people and realize what I could actually do with singing. This contest was such a cool way to get involved with the Middle Georgia community and do something to support the community that has graciously welcomed me these past few years. I am so grateful to everyone who supported me. I was shocked when I won and could not be happy because I gained so much confidence and passion for my music through this experience. Something I would totally recommend to anyone who is even considering pursuing music.” -Bailey Grace (Winner of 478 Sings United)

“I loved being a part of 478 Sings United. It was great to have a contest that showcased the talent in our area. I think I gained a lot of publicity from the contest and made some great connections. It was incredible to see so many people be a part of the contest by donating to the cause. To know that you helped people in need is so heartwarming.” -Blane Dunnam (Runner-Up of 478 Sings United)

“As many of you know I competed in the 478 Sings United competition for these past few months. I have to say with everything that has been changing and all the uncertainty with the world right now music is the one thing that has kept me sane. I was so excited to be apart of this competition and to be able to share my love for music with these fellow 32 talented artist and amazing judges! When I was younger I was in the Mercer children’s choir so to hear all of these people associated with Mercer and my hometown coming together was awesome and to help each other! I also am a supporter and donator of United Way and was excited to see they were apart of this as well! I met some awesome people and was so excited to receive the feedback from these amazing talented judges! Even though I did not continue in the competition I would do it all over again for sure! Thank you United Way, Mercer, and everyone else for putting this awesome competition together and I hope there is a 2nd annual competition! Go ahead and sign me up!” -Ashton Smith (Musician)

“We wanted to reach out and let y’all know how much you all have helped us out over the last few months. We were so excited when we first heard about the competition. It was an awesome opportunity for musicians to perform and share their content during these rough times. Hindsight has been active in Macon for 4 years and thriving to make a name for ourselves. That being said, this competition has helped us reach so many new followers and new opportunities. It helped us reach an audience outside of what we have been able to hit so far in our career. Even though we were not able to win the competition, we are so happy to have taken part. Not only did it help us out as a band but it gave us a chance to help raise money during this unexpected pandemic. We also wanted to thank y’all for helping us even further after this competition. Thanks to y’all reaching out for us, we were able to open for Colt Ford for a whole weekend run. It meant so much to us to be able to get up on that stage at multiple sold out shows and take part in bringing live music back to Georgia. Not only did we get to perform but we got to also make so many great connections. We were able to meet Chris and Greg from Double A productions which we are very thankful for. We were also able to meet and talk to some of Colt Ford ‘s band such as Cole Phillips and David Wallace. Meeting these professional musicians and getting professional advice and positive feedback was amazing for us. All of these opportunities have meant so much for us. It turned a slow and unfortunate year into an active and exciting one. We can’t wait to see what y’all will be moving onto next and hope to continue working with you all. We appreciate all the hard work and support y’all have given to our local music scene. Y’all have truly lifted the morale of so many.” – Hindsight (Musicians)